Don’t forget the ME in TIME

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since my last blog.  I say sorry, because I feel guilty for letting so many weeks pass and not posting as often as I’d like.  But I didn’t exactly just let those weeks “pass me by.”  They were filled with testing, writing, clients, dancing, friends, family, and me-time.  I was actually quite productive, so why do I feel so guilty?

The Man.

Someone at some point decided that we needed to “make the most of every day.”  Someone also decided that “the most” wasn’t a subjective experience, but rather a list of to-do’s we should all have and work to check off as often as possible.   That doesn’t account for that fact that realistically, our to-do lists all look different and our wish-we-could-do lists are likely different too.

For example, I’ve had individuals dealing with severe depression made to feel like failures because they did not wake up chipper and accomplish the 25 must do things in their area in one day!  But they got out of bed, showered, got dressed, made themselves a meal, and enjoyed a book.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL! 

I think we forget about the ME in TIME.

One of the benefits of higher-level cognitive functioning and free will is that in theory we have the capabilities to consider and choose how we spend our time.  Obviously there are certain things we should try to make happen every day: brush your teeth, follow through with outside commitments, snuggle with your pet; but, there should be no guilt associated with deciding that maybe today you just don’t have it in you, or to prepare for tomorrow, you need to take it easy today.

The beauty of Me-Time is that YOU get to decide what YOU need in that moment. 

Is it taking a break from your school/work responsibilities to finish up Season 3 of Stranger Things?  Is it spending a little extra time in the shower while singing along to your Broadway Pandora station?  Is it turning down a dinner invite out so you could be in your pajamas before 9 pm?  Oops, that’s Dr. JaiMee time.

But in all seriousness, you know you better than anyone and you deserve to take time for yourself in whatever way feels the most helpful to you without being worried about being judged or feeling guilty about investing in yourself. 

So instead of #selfcaresaturday, I’m claiming #selfcareanyday…Feels like #everyday could be a little up front pressure and ain’t nobody got TIME for that!