Okay, so you are here on this website clearly looking for a therapist for you or someone you care about. But why? 

Let’s play twenty-questions….

  1. Scared you are going to end up with a therapist that doesn’t get you?  

  2. Do you feel like the people in your life are just the worst?  Like you can’t even!

  3. Are your thoughts a broken record that stress you out?

  4. Feel like you are obsessing over who liked your social media post?

  5. Do you feel misunderstood?

  6. Do people tell you that you are a negative nancy?

  7. See friends posting pics and wondering why you weren’t invited?

  8. Not being swiped right enough?

  9. Feel like you and your partner have lost your rhythm and they keep stepping on your toes?

  10. Have you known who you were and feel it’s time to tell the world?

  11. Sick of that rise and grind?

  12. Do you hold yourself accountable to a high standard?

  13. Snooping around because your gut is telling you something is wrong?

  14. Feeling ready to talk about something that’s happened in the past?

  15. Done with people not speaking your language?

  16. Do you feel disconnected from your partner?

  17. Eclipsing your life to-do list?

  18. Do you keep getting ghosted?

  19. Do you know how to netflix but don’t know how to chill?

  20. Just need a freaking place to chat?

Did you laugh at least once while reading this?  If so, please contact us! We love to use humor to navigate through the tough stuff.