life has a lot of stairs

........ my calves hurt just thinking about the journey.  Thought I was gonna say something cliche like "we will climb them with you?" No sis, they are your stairs and we are going to help you find your strength  so you can make it to the top. 

Individual Therapy

We customize our therapeutic approach based on each clients needs. We factor in race, culture, gender, sexuality, presenting concerns, past history, and clients' goals for therapy. It is important to us to make sure we are giving you a therapeutic experience that pushes you to be the strongest version of yourself. 

Adulting is hard, we get it.  Whether it's something from your past that is keeping you from moving forward or some worry about the future that is holding you back, no topic is off limits.

Bottom line: We are here to create a safe space to work through the tough stuff.   

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