what's good?


For teenagers and young adults nowadays it can feel like pressure is coming in from every aspect of life. On top of navigating their way around classes, exams, jobs, relationships, and cafeteria food, there is an expectation (placed by themselves and also others) that they figure out exactly who they want to be and take steps to actually become that person! Add to that the fun fact that the brain is not done developing until a person’s mid-twenties - Damn this age group does not get enough credit for managing the stresses that are placed upon them.

Could they maybe benefit from some extra skills in managing this day to day insanity? Sure thing, who wouldn’t! This is where we come in. 

Our two go-to modalities are:

1) Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which looks at the interactions of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by way of negative thoughts and distorted thinking.

2) Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which builds skills related to mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

To the parents:  We look forward to meeting you during the intake because while we are experts on kids, you are the expert when it comes to your kid and we value your perspective. But be aware that after that first session, you’ll spend most of your office time in the waiting room.

To the teens:  Consider this a judgement-free zone where no topic is off limits (go ahead and test us, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised) for you to vent, bounce ideas around, and maybe learn a skill or two. With few exceptions, we won’t be sharing our discussions with your families or anyone else without your permission and a solid game plan.

You in?