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I enjoy working with couples to break down the conflict and distance so they can reconnect and restore the relationship. By rebuilding trust and communication, I have the opportunity to help couples and families heal. I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy to break out of the negative cycles we get stuck in. This brings relief and understanding especially when couples feel that they have had the same argument over and over again. 

I have clinical experience working with couples navigating addictions, with a particular focus in sexual and porn or cybersex addiction/complusivity. I find that I’m drawn to people who are transitioning from one stage of life to another, whether it is newly married and starting a family or just divorcing. I love helping people find their voice, to better understand themselves within the chaos of life. I believe that self-awareness can help people have stronger and more meaningful relationships.

It can be easier to sit down and talk to someone new if you know a bit about them. I come from a large musical family from New England. I grew up right here in the Hudson Valley, have lived all over the country, and I have now moved my family back to my home town of Beacon so my inquisitive son can grow up close to his grandparents, just like I enjoyed so much as a child. I have a mixed race background, primarily African-American, Caucasian, and Japanese. I am married and my husband happens to be mixed as well, so I know personally the challenges and joys this can bring. I take this knowledge into therapy with me adding an understanding to working with mixed race couples and how our families and cultures can give us such drastically different understands on what communication and connection should feel like in a marriage. 

Because of all of the cultures in my life, I love to cook and travel. As a teenager I was diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that makes it so I can’t digest gluten. I love exploring restaurants and cooking gluten free. I am passionate about helping those newly diagnosed navigate the complexities of the disease.

When I’m not in my practice, I enjoy reading, hiking mount Beacon with my dogs, playing with my son, and cooking with my family.

If you are located in Minnesota please visit her here: ONLINE THERAPY

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